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Contrary to popular thought, we believe that higher performance is often about doing less


In fact, we believe it's about doing less and instead focusing intelligently on the things that really make a difference to our performance (like learning to manage our minds and emotions) in 'outside of the box' ways to promote ease of thinking, quality decision making, creativity and flow. 


We work using co-active coaching and relationship coaching models listen deeply and do what's necessary to evoke transformation. We are committed to the growth of your people and to tell them the truth.


Adult Learning Theory tells us that the best way for adults to learn is experientially, so much of the coaching and learning we do is experiential.


With our coaching clients we design a safe and  judgment-free space in which to explore, experiment, rehearse and take risks.  


In a robust process with clients and sponsors we assess the coaching requirement and co-design the required assessments and measures.  We work with clients to expand their perspective, process challenges and develop a deeply resonant, engaging vision for their work.  Employing tools based in neuroscience we help clients define and navigate their unique pathway to high performance and success.







How do you lead and does anyone ever tell you the truth about your impact? 


We help Leaders grow their awareness of their strengths and untapped power and support them to develop their Leadership vision and nurture a powerful and meaningful legacy.  


We help them to refine their relationships and leadership behaviours. Typically, the kinds of areas which is common ground for coaching Leaders include communication style, focus, presence, influencing skills, decision making, self-management and impact.


We achieve measurable results by:

  • Assessing & profiling
  • Co-designing the coaching and other possible interventions required with the client and/or sponsors
  • Delivering regular coaching sessions
  • Applying 'Live action coaching'
  • Regular 'milestone' check-ins up until completion of the agreed programme.

Some examples of outcomes which can be expected from Leadership-focused coaching are:

  • Ability to connect more deeply with others
  • Deeper self-awareness
  • Improved and internalised habits for success
  • Leadership skills development (giving feedback, decision making, communication etc)
  • More confidence and self-belief
  • A stronger sense of own value








To speak to our principal Coach, Amanda Wilby please call +44 (0)20 7193 7251.



Amanda, and all our coaches, are accredited by the International Coahcing Federation, which means all have been through rigorous coach training and practise and we all abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.


To download a copy of the code of ethics, please click here:




To understand more about executive coaching itself and the value it can bring to your organisation, please click here: