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Developing healthy team behaviours


In the modern world teams are relied upon to work together and deliver a high-level of seamless performance as one united, collaborative unit.  At the same time we are traditionally educated and remunerated for personal success.  Whilst is is human to believe that being in good relationship with one another is easy, it is quite something else to make it happen and that's where we can help. 


We work with teams and partnerships who:

Using brain-based frameworks and social processes and interventions drawn from many disciplines, we co-develop a programme of coaching with your teams (or partnerships) to work towards healthier and stronger relationships in order to create the flow required for higher performance.


The kinds of outcomes that may be created from Team Coaching are as follows:

If you have a team or partnership that may need some coaching support, please call +44 (0)20 7193 7251.




       Team Intel


Do you have a team that is not performing and don't know why? Global Talent Coaching can work with you to assess and diagnose the team dynamics at play and produce a detailed report with suggested developmental areas.


Using assessments, interviews and surveys we create a snapshot of the influences (both internal and external) which affect your team's performance and co-create a  pathway to performance.



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