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Nathalie started her career in banking, moving to industry and then IT and training. In 1997 Nathalie founded and grew a training consultancy in South Africa before spending 10 years in Switzerland working at IMD, one of Europe’s top business schools.

Having grown up in South Africa with Belgian parents, Nathalie has been aware of cultural differences from an early age and loves getting to know people from a variety of backgrounds.  She is fluent in English and French and speaks some Afrikaans.

Nathalie’s coaching is best described by one of her clients:  “Nathalie helped me to identify what is important to me, and start to break down the barriers that prevent me from creating the life that I want.  Her frank but positive and non-judgmental approach lead to conversations that were sometimes painfully honest but ultimately empowering and action-focused. Nats has a natural empathy and perceptiveness that allow her to drill down to the root causes of issues very quickly.”

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