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Global Talent Coaching is a small business with scaleability for larger programmes.  Amanda Wilby as Director and Principal Coach has taken care to find a trusted team of associates who have the skills and passion for delivering sustainable people development and transformation.  Within the team there are different coaching interests, styles and specialities (which allow us to 'client match' effectively) and we are united in our high standards both in qualification, personal integrity and commitment to our clients' growth.



Amanda Wilby-Le Pape, CPCC, ACC                   Antony Parry CPCC, ORSC, PCC          

Principal Coach, UK                                                 Senior Team Coach, UK     



Laura Ahnemann MSc, CPCC, ACC                    James Knight, Co-Active Coach 

Leadership Coach, UK                                            Leadership Coach, UK



      Ruth Roemer, MS, CPCC, ACC

    Exec & Leadership Coach (New York)



Marianne Kjoraas, CPCC, ACC                         Lisa Harter, CPCC, ACC

Leadership Coach (Norway)                        Executive Coach (Dubai)



Richard Cook, CPCC, ACC                             Nita Sharma, CPCC, ACC        

Intercultural Exec Coach (UK)                        Intercultural Exec Coach (UK)                            





Nuket Veral, CPCC, ACC                                 Viv Cuthill, CPCC, ACC        

Exec & Team Coach (Brussels)                    Exec & Team Coach (UK)                      





Melda Ekman, Co-Active Coach                Caroline Purkhardt, CPCC, ACC

Executive Coach (UK)                                 Leadership Coach (UK & France)                                  








Nathalie Britten, CPCC, ACC                        Nairy McMahon, CPCC, ORSCC


Executive Coach (UK)                                     Leadership, Exec & Team Coach (UK)

Qualifications Glossary




Certified Practitioner of Co-Active Coaching




Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation





Organisational Relationship Systems Certified Coach