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Right Relationship

Being in right relationship is at the core of everything we do - whether it be good relationship with ourselves or with our teams.  Relationships hold such great power within the workplace (and within ourselves) yet we spend so little time looking to this place and nurturing it. Nothing is more rewarding than relationship and many recent studies have proven that they are at the very epicentre of human happiness.  Let's get them in the right place.



Closely Related to the value of Right Relationship is the value of Humanity.  The more the world has become automised, digitalised and pressurised the greater the need we have for this value.  Humanity for us is about being real, not being right or perfect.  It's about embracing our fails as well as our successes, being willing to take on the thrill of the risk and use them as platforms for learning. It's about bringing humour and humility into how we work together.



Like a thread which runs through everything we do, integrity is a key foundation.  Without this we cannot build trust or relationship, so we weave it into all that we do, whether it be setting explicit boundaries around a coaching relationship or telling our clients the truth for the sake of their transformation, we'll go there. 



Being present and bringing leadership presence is a powerful tool we like to employ and encourage with the Leaders we work with.  Like emotional wi-fi, our presence influences the outcomes we create with clients, so we choose to use this deliberately and encourage others to do the same. Plus, there is no greater gift to give someone than be present with them and listen.



The days are over when we expected one person, or one leader, to have all the answers.  The world is faster and more data-hungry than one person could ever possibly be expected to keep up with, so let's co-create and make something happen together.  All our coaches are trained in a powerful model for change - the co-active model and we like to fully stand in this at all times with our clients.